Pembroke College MCR, Oxford

Welfare Corner

MCR Welfare Commitee

Student welfare is very important to both the MCR, and Pembroke more widely. Whatever background you come from we want to make sure that you feel at home at Pembroke, and provide you with the right support when you need it. Within the MCR there are a number of people ready to help. We have three friendly Welfare Reps – Beth Smith Rosser, Joshua Harvey and Samira Lindstedt who are here to provide student-to-student support, and can be contacted with any welfare related
 issues, however big or
 small, whether
personal or academic. In addition, our MCR Peer Supporters -
Dyedra Just, Anna-Katherina Hauperich, Malte Kaller, and Guy Nisbett are 
always happy to have a
 chat about any issues
 you might be having,
 and have been 
professionally trained
 by the University Counselling Service. The MCR also organises weekly Tea and Cakes evenings every Tuesday (8:30pm) where you can re- fuel your energy with lots of delicious goodies and can also informally meet the MCR welfare team.

Pembroke Support:

Outside the MCR the welfare structure in college is very well implemented, and there is someone you can contact for whatever needs you might have. The College nurse and the College doctor can be contacted with all health-related matters, and are also trained to provide support related to welfare issues and mental health. The College Welfare Advisors are two Pembroke academics appointed to help students if they encounter a problem they feel would be inappropriate to discuss with a Tutor or College Officer, either personal or academic. They are available to advise and help in any such case, on an entirely confidential basis. The Junior Deans at Pembroke, working as part of the Decanal Team, are responsible for looking after the safety and welfare of students. They live on-site – one in the main College – James Charlesworth – and the other in the GAB – Julie Dequaire. They have both disciplinary and pastoral roles. They can be contacted via email or by phone (ask the Porters for their contact numbers). After the Porters, the Junior Deans are the best point of contact in an emergency as they are specially trained and live in College.

Useful Welfare links outside of Pembroke:

The Oxford University Counselling Service
The Counselling Service is University-wide, and here to help you gain understanding and insight into any difficulties you may be experiencing, to develop emotional resilience and put into effect real change, enabling you to fulfil your academic and personal potential. The Service offers free and confidential support, but it is not an emergency service. They provide individual and group counselling, supportive resources, and workshops on a variety of topics such.

The Oxford Student Nightline
The Nightline is a completely independent listening, support and information service run for and by students of Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities.

Student Minds
Is the UK’s leading student mental health
charity, founded in Oxford, which now runs many different support projects on topics such as eating disorders, mild depression, and supporting friends with mental health problems.

Mature Students Info

Oxford Student Mindfulness Society