Pembroke College MCR, Oxford

Facilities & Accommodation

The MCR is housed in a suite of rooms between Old Quad and the College Library. On the first floor, directly above the Junior Common Room (the undergraduate facilities), the MCR’s rooms span the entire width of the Quad. The facilities include two lounges (the Wood Room and the Blue Room), a computing room, a bar, and a kitchen. These facilities are available, and are used, at all hours of the day and night.

Geoffrey Arthur Building (Accommodation)

There are 36 places for postgraduates at the Geoffrey Arthur Building, or “GAB” as it’s referred to. It consists of two garden quads with a computer room, a common room, and a laundry. Everyone stays in a staircase with 5 other people. On the top floor of every staircase there is a kitchen and eating area, and each staircase also has three toilets, two showers, and a bath. Each room also has a sink with taps, hidden behind a door in the photo below.

The Wood Room

This is our cosy, wood panelled, lounge. During the day time it is home to the days newspapers, hosts the MCR periodical subscriptions (chosen annually by petition). and much tea drinking. Later on, before Formal Hall, graduates meet here to enjoy sherry and port and in the evening it is a popular spot to retire for an evening coffee and a chat.

The Blue Room

The is the MCR’s TV and party room, where members can kick back in front of our enormous plasma tv. Large leather sofas and a large dining table make this room an attraction for the MCR’s earlier risers and those who like to flit between earnest work and some televisual distraction. On the side of the blue room is:

The Rose and Thistle

The Rose and Thistle is the MCR’s own bar (not to be confused with the college bar which is frequented primarily by undergrads). It opens on to the Blue Room and is open regularly on Friday and Saturday nights as well as on an ad hoc basis whenever an event is in the MCR or the Bar Tsar happens to be in residence. It has the de facto finest range of spirits in Oxford with more than 40 whiskies, more than a dozen rums and another of gins along with shelves of fine cocktail making ingredients and fridges overflowing with bottled beers from 90p. Following a recent renovation it now also boasts ale on draught, an MCR bar first. Follow the bar on Facebook.

MCR sports

The MCR has a regular football team (the ‘Smurfs’) and, in Trinity term, a Cricket XI. Just about any sporting interest can be catered for through the JCR (which has many sports teams) or more broadly through the university and those interested in participating in any sport should contact the MCR sport rep (affectionately known as ‘Papa Smurf’).

The Pembroke sports grounds are ten minutes walk from college. The easiest route is to head down St Aldates, straight over Folly Bridge onto Abingdon Road. Turn right into White House Road (with the Folly Bridge Inn on the corner), go straight over at the crossroads and follow the gravel track next to the adventure playground. At the end of the track, go over the railway bridge, and the Pembroke grounds will be on your left. There are grass and hard tennis courts (get keys from the lodge before you go), two football pitches, a cricket square and a rugby field.


There are few higher priorities for the Pembroke MCR than to retain our reputation as the college of the arts. Once a term we come together for a soiree of poetry, comedy, story telling and music – sometimes dauntingly impressive, often a first attempt at a new skill, always memorable. Its the kind of risky night that surprises you with people you thought you knew.

The MCR also runs an annual creative writing competition known as the “Wood Room Prize” and organises outings to the theatre, exhibitions and anything else about which might help drag us out of our academic space into something new and maybe unfamiliar.


The MCR maintains its own punt (‘Smurfette’) who can be booked out by members of the MCR between May and September. Smurfette lives at the Pembroke boat house.


In Trinity we are allowed on the grass in Chapel quad and the MCR has two croquet sets that you are welcome to use.