Pembroke College MCR, Oxford

About Us

The term ‘Middle Common Room’ refers both to the collective graduate community at Pembroke and to the suite of rooms that we all share. The MCR is located on the first floor in staircase 3 and looks out onto Old Quad and Library Quad. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for MCR members and guests are welcome until midnight.

The MCR takes a number of newspapers and periodicals which you can enjoy in the ‘Wood Room’ and tea, coffee and biscuits are always provided and in the evening the MCR has its own bar, which is amongst the cheapest and best stocked in Oxford. The ‘Blue room’ has a 50inch plasma screen and DVD player and we also have a computer suite with four machines and cheap printing.

A food break at the MCR
The MCR enjoys another delicious break from studying.

The Common Room is particularly busy after lunch and in the evenings, when many members drop in for a tea or coffee and a chat.

The common room is run and represented by the MCR President and the MCR committee with the bar run independently by the ‘BarTsar’. The President and Committee represent the interests of graduates to the College and organises the MCR’s social events. The BarTsar maintains the substantial liquor collections (including the Whisky collection of more than 40 single malts) and organises bar opening.

Pembroke MCR is well known for being one of the most social and friendly in the University and the comfortable space of the MCR is complemented by a number of events including termly banquets, speaker events, the annual exchange dinner in Cambridge, exchange dinners with other colleges, film nights, cocktail nights and nights out in Oxford.

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